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Use Direct Modeling in Fusion 360 to Take Your Models to the Next Level

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    Have you ever wanted to move a feature in your model or assembly but can’t because the History Tree fails? Don’t you wish you could just move that rib feature 2 millimeters to the right, but you spend forever trying to figure it out? And have you ever wanted to de-feature a model quickly and easily without spending countless hours scrambling through the History Tree? Well, you can! With Fusion 360 software! It has Direct Modeling built right in! In this class, you will learn tips and tricks regarding how to edit imported geometry with Direct Editing commands. Need to remove that embossed logo from a model, or move a rib 2 millimeters to the right? No problem! You’ll also learn how to heal corrupted geometry using the “Wound and Heal” methodology in Direct Modeling. And, finally, you’ll see how you can use Direct Modeling techniques inside a parametric workspace to quickly and easily get your concept from your head onto the screen. This session features Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Direct Modeling to edit imported geometry
    • Learn how to use Direct Modeling to heal corrupt models
    • Learn about the "Wound and Heal" method
    • Learn how to use Direct Modeling techniques to create models without having to worry about complicated parametric sketches