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Sim 360 Pro: Football Helmet Design and Analysis to Save the Future of the Game

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    In this class, you see how Sim 360 Pro simulation cloud services, in tandem with Fusion 360™ cloud-based software, can be used to design an improved football helmet to help reduce injuries to players while keeping the same level of comfort and visual appeal. All design modifications and simulation work is performed on the cloud, demonstrating that the traditional means of design and analysis work are being surpassed by this faster, more lightweight method. If you're interested in the future of product design and analysis, this is the place for you. Ravens fans need not apply.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Sim 360 Pro (Mechanical) to determine stress levels in a part
    • Use Sim 360 Pro (CFD) to determine thermal comfort in a volume
    • Use Sim 360 Pro for nonlinear material definition and optimization
    • Create design changes with Fusion 360 and visualize results