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Using Generative Design and 3ds Max to explore design options and dazzle stakeholders

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    Creating technical design solutions and presenting them to stakeholders is part of the everyday life of a design engineer, and the expectation of doing more with less is rapidly becoming the status quo in industry today. This class will use a real world example to demonstrate how you can unleash the potential of Generative Design in Fusion 360 to automate the solutions exploration phase of any design. You will learn how to import existing design data, set up design and manufacturing constraints, and execute automated design creating an unlimited set of possible solutions. Next, you will learn how to leverage the flexibility and power of 3ds Max to quickly create a compelling story for your stakeholders with stunning visuals, bringing the designs to life. Design engineers, it’s time to level up and maximize your potential with today’s latest and greatest engineering and presentation tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Import existing design data into Fusion 360 generative design workspace
    • Set up design and manufacturing constraints for automated simulations
    • Set up and execute automated 3D design using Generative Design
    • Import, embellish, and render the results in 3ds Max for compelling design visualization