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End to end workflow for generative design and lattices for the Automotive and Aerospace industry

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    The purpose of this class is to present an end-to-end workflow for generative and lattice design in the Automotive and Aerospace industry, using software and technology from Autodesk, Inc. At this moment in time, Autodesk is the only technology innovator that offers this unique capability—using their advanced software technology—for design, simulation, generative design (topology, skin, and lattice optimization), build simulation, build preparation, and advanced manufacturing methods. The class will demonstrate step by step the process involved in taking a component through design, simulation, optimization, build preparation, build simulation, post-build verification, and finishing. The class will educate attendees who wish to learn about the processes and challenges involved in additive design, lost-PLA casting and manufacturing. The software being demonstrated for the workflow includes Fusion 360 and Netfabb. This class will also present some of the challenges and solutions for certification.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about generative design and latticing workflows and benefits
    • Understand manufacturing methods for these designs using additive and casting techniques
    • Understand Autodesk Inventor Shape Generator, Fusion 360 Shape optimization and Autodesk Netfabb
    • Understand some of the challenges within the Automotive and Aerospace industry with these technologies