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Unlocking Autodesk Civil 3D Data Flow with Autodesk Data Exchange

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    Civil 3D software has dominated infrastructure and renewable energy sectors for many years. Industry has both adopted the native functionality but also expanded it with custom applications over the years, which has created cross-interoperability challenges. Currently moving toward digital-twin efficient data flows beyond design and constructions phases is becoming increasingly important. In this class, we will showcase how—with the help of Autodesk Data Exchange—we can break the silos and enable the transition toward digital twins.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of integrating design and business data for informed decision making.
    • Explore the significance of data flow beyond design and construction.
    • Discover the capabilities of Autodesk Data Exchange in breaking down silos and enabling efficient transfer of information.
    • Gain practical insights on maximizing Autodesk Data Exchange for seamless collaboration and transition to digital twins.