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Understanding Geometry and B-Rep in Inventor and Fusion 360

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    A critical component of any CAD system is the ability to accurately describe a design. For mechanical CAD systems, the solid and surface geometry that's used to represent part geometry is extremely important. This class will investigate the internals of how Inventor software and Fusion 360 software represent solids and surfaces. We'll look at how solids and surfaces are constructed and modified, and how you can access this information through the Inventor and Fusion 360 APIs. We'll look at how to use the API to query and evaluate the shape of a model. We'll also cover some modeling functionality that is only available through the API. Because both Inventor and Fusion 360 both use Shape Manager for the modeling core and the APIs for both products are very similar in this area, both products are covered, along with their few differences.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Inventor and Fusion 360 represent surfaces and solids and what B-Rep is
    • Understand how to use the Inventor and Fusion 360 APIs to query a model
    • Understand what transient or temporary B-Rep is and discover some of its capabilities
    • Understand how to create and display transient and temporary B-Rep bodies