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UK Government backs a Platform approach to industrialized construction

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    The UK Government has joined the private sector in its commitment to a Platforms approach to industrialized construction and DfMA, outlining how this process underpins UK policy for social infrastructure in its ‘Construction Playbook’. The supporting plan to unify and mobilize data seeks to identify cross-department commonalities to inform the centralized, standardized design that will create economies of scale great enough to supply predictable, consistent pipelines and bolster a disaggregated manufacturing supply chain. Plugged into the existing supply chain, the barrier to entry is low, with no need for vertical integration or investment in manufacturing/prefabrication. As a result, opportunities for new programme-level roles will arise. Already a major feature in the procurement of 40 UK healthcare facilities, not only is this approach transforming the way the UK delivers public sector assets, but it is also paving the way for swift mainstream adoption.

    Key Learnings

    • How we can think across sectors to gain the powerful economies of scale that have allowed the manufacturing sectors to thrive
    • How we can think at portfolio, not project, level to create rationalized, optimized repeatable designs.
    • How we can encourage a distributed network of shared components to support a disaggregated manufacturing pipeline.
    • How we adapt & create new roles - from architects to owners, GC’s, subcontractors & manufacturers - to support this approach