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Turbocharge how you design & manage large assemblies in Fusion 360.

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    Modern consumer products and industrial machines are made up of hundreds or thousands of components to form large assemblies. These components could be machined, 3D printed, moulded, electrical, electronic, or off the shelf items using various manufacturing and design processes. Effectively managing these assemblies can be a real challenge for companies with multi-disciplinary teams who simultaneously contribute to the project from all Fusion 360 workspaces. This technical instruction will provide attendees with techniques and methods to improve their development process when creating large assemblies. Such methods will include: Simplifying into sub-assemblies, using top-down or bottom-up modelling where appropriate, using the manage extension for data traceability and simplifying geometry with configurations to reduce the load on the PC. Attendees will learn new and improved ways to optimize their product development and collaborative processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn new methods on how to effectively manage large assemblies in Fusion 360.
    • Learn the difference between top down and bottom up modelling.
    • Learn how to simplify models to improve assembly performance.
    • Learn how to use the manage extension to manage several parts in a multi disciplinary team.