Lecture    CV6305
Tips and Tricks with Laser Scanning for Effective BIM workflows
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As the move towards adopting BIM for construction projects continues to accelerate it is clear that rapid assessment of site conditions and the dissemination of that data to all members of the project team is an exciting development for productive collaborative working. Scanning is a proven method for rapid and accurate digital documentation of current site conditions. The achievable speed of capturing reality means that it is possible to update in 3D daily and at numerous levels of scale. However, with all the options available, which is the right one to use? You will examine some of the many workflow options that allow multiple hardware and software solutions to come together, creating a continuous flow of information and data from field to office. This class will help address the ROI of purchasing your own scanner and turn a previously �nice to have' project deliverable to an essential part of your day to day workflows.

Key Learnings

  • How to select the appropriate tool for the job at hand- What is the best scanning workflow for you?
  • Realize the value of mass and discrete data collection solutions and how to communicate that information to the survey teams
  • Understand how anywhere, anytime access will speed up previously difficult slow and manual workflows
  • Discover tools available that take the concept of 'the BIM process' and applies it to the daily work of the survey contractor




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