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The ETO-to-CTO Journey: How They Did It in the Construction Industry

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    Van Wijnen, a prominent construction company in the Netherlands, recognized the need for change to future-proof their business due to the current housing shortage, limited resources, and rising construction costs. To address this, they implemented a CTO strategy and developed a modular housing platform, with a fully digitalized sales process and customer journey. The manufacturing process is file-to-factory based, using a new and highly automated factory, reducing the sales process lead time by 50% and enabling the construction of a house or apartment in just one day. This 100-year-old company's ETO to CTO transition showcases how CTO can strengthen and future-proof a business, with real-life examples of their implementation of CPQ, PDM, Design Automation, Integration platform, Autodesk Inventor, PLM, and changes to processes and ways of working.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the industry challenges and how to beat them.
    • Learn from real-life experience about the impact that such a transition can have on a large organization.
    • Discover new insights that will help you implement your own CTO strategy.
    • Learn about the software framework necessary for facilitating a CTO process within the construction and manufacturing industry.