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Texting Gone Wild: Advanced Annotation Tips and Tricks for Fabrication CADmep
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Annotation of shop drawings in Fabrication CADmep software can be a time-consuming process, and if it is not done properly, it can have devastating results. This class will cover these struggles in detail, along with looking at solutions in the Fabrication CADmep 2016 software release. We will describe the best practices for getting shop drawings produced with the correct annotation sizes per viewport, as well as tips for moving text in a single viewport and NOT the others. We will also touch on best practices when using CTEXT—creating the block and report to go along with it—to ensure proper scaling within viewports. Fabrication CADmep 2016 software also has a new command for text placement location using LISP routines. We will show examples of each of these advanced tips and tricks, and we will have discussion time at the end.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to make all text on shop drawings the same height, no matter what viewport scale you have
  • Learn how to set up ADDREPORT with CTEXT so that text heights match and RESIZE based on viewport scale
  • Learn how to move text in a single viewport without affecting others
  • Learn how to use LISP to automatically determine text placement location relative to the object selected



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