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Testing Strategies for Python Fusion 360 Add-Ins
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We all know that testing your code is a critical step in deploying software, but manually following a script and pressing buttons on each screen is time consuming and error prone.In this class, we'll cover various testing strategies for Fusion 360 add-ins written in python, including structuring your add-in for unit testing, automating integration testing, and utilizing continuous integration systems.The goal of these is to ensure that your add-in is easily tested and verified, which will drive down bugs and drive up user satisfaction.This class is geared towards advanced programmers and add-in developers, and will cover Fusion 360 command and command definition APIs, events, and palettes.Experience with web development concepts (to use palettes) is highly recommended. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class).

Key Learnings

  • Understand and choose appropriate testing strategies for your add-in
  • Understand and use the Fusion 360 command APIs
  • Learn how to use palettes to interact with Fusion 360 commands
  • Learn how to use a continuous integration server to build, test, and package Fusion 360 add-ins



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