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Technical Training for Revit—Roundtable Discussion

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    This session will be an interactive roundtable discussion about tips, tricks, and user experiences with technical training for Revit building design software. These tips, tricks, and experiences will be suggested by the attendees and presenter alike, but will then be discussed and perhaps debated by all, with the end goal of an improved process at the close of the discussion. We will add all of the content collected during the session to the handout and share it with all attendees after the session has concluded. All topics are fair game as long as they pertain to Revit software and the training of Revit software. See some examples of topics in the learning objectives below. This session features Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which tools besides Revit you can use in your training
    • Discover ways to engage the students to keep them interested while delivering large amounts of technical information
    • Discuss how to deal with problems or issues (technical or other) that arise during training
    • Gain shared information and experiences from participants