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Taming Parametric Curved Geometry in Revit Family Editor

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    Have you ever tried to control the shape of a curved form parametrically in the Family Editor? If so, you’ve no doubt discovered that flexing them sometimes throws you a curveball. In this session we’ll explore several techniques to tame your unruly parametric curves. We’ll look at examples of circles, arcs, quarter round, half round, arches, and we’ll even check out some splines. We’ll look at both simple and compound curves. We’ll work primarily in the traditional Family Editor but most techniques apply to the massing Family Editor environment as well. We’ll explore curvature and rotation, using both armatures (or rigs) and formulas to constrain flexing behavior. We’ll even throw in some trigonometry for good measure! After this session, I cannot guarantee that you’ll never have another misbehaving curve in your family content, but what I can promise is that you’ll come away with several useful tools to help you tame them when curve-mischief strikes!

    Key Learnings

    • Create reliable, flexible, parametric curved forms in the Revit Family Editor
    • Componentize your families: reuse the parts and pieces in multiple families and contexts
    • Discover what it takes to make a properly flexing compound curve
    • Use formulas and other advanced techniques to control family curves