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Take Your AutoCAD® 2013 Renderings to the Next Level

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    In this class, we will go beyond the basic rendering tools and dive deeper into what AutoCAD 2013 software has to offer. We will start by taking an expanded look at the settings that control how we establish and save a 3D view. Next, we'll discuss how to create and edit targeted light sources. The class will then focus on creating custom materials using special effects like bump maps and transparency maps. Finally, we'll talk about efficient ways to work with larger renderings and then pave the way for animated output. This class is a continuation of the class "Bringing Your Ideas to Life: Creating Photorealistic Renderings Using AutoCAD® 2013."

    Key Learnings

    • Work more efficiently with larger renderings
    • Explain the basics of creating an animated rendering
    • Create and edit targeted light sources
    • Produce custom materials using bump maps and transparency maps