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Survive and Thrive: Best Financial Practices to Start and Stay in Business

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    In this class, veteran financial advisor Kathryn Amenta—who has counseled small businesses for over 25 years—breaks apart the myths and misconceptions of running a small business. She offers best practices for managing and operating a small business, from the crucial first steps to the strategies and tactics that will make your business survive and thrive. Amenta also demonstrates what it takes to adapt and prosper through shifts in the economy and industry. Other featured topics include hiring, payroll, billing, advisory boards, business plans, specialization, partnerships, wearing multiple hats, website marketing, business location, perks and discounts, renting versus purchasing, salary, and work hours.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe and navigate the right path to get a small business started
    • Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of unsuccessful businesses
    • Save time and energy while running a more effective and efficient operation
    • Improve the bottom line for your small businesses