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Survival Strategies for CAD Managers

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    CAD/Building Information Modeling (BIM) management requires a diverse set of management skills, but you already knew that. In this roundtable discussion we’ll examine proven strategies that successful CAD managers are using in a diverse range of industries. We’ll discuss problem identification, problem solving, user motivation, standards, senior-management support, budgeting, training-program justification, objection handling, and more as we move around the room to get perspectives from everyone. As the discussion progresses we will encourage all attendees to create their own inventory and prioritization lists so that they can create action plans they can use as soon as they get back from Autodesk University. This class is product agnostic, so don't worry about what discipline you support as a CAD manager. If you want to pick up some great tips from your peers and gain a fresh perspective on your CAD management duties, this class is for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to describe and prioritize CAD/BIM management duties
    • Learn how to identify, prioritize, and fix problems
    • Learn how to deal with standards, user motivation, and training
    • Learn how to deal with budgeting and senior management