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Strategizing Megaproject
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Modeling strategy is the key to the success of a project, especially a megaproject. This is a case study of a project with 9 plots. Each plot has a podium and more than 3 towers on top of it. As a multifamily residential project, the design is based on typical unit types and prototype floors repeatedly placed on levels of the towers. With more than 40 structures, more than 30 unit types, and more than 20 prototypes, floor plans are scattered in more than 30 towers across the entire site. How can we manage a project with so many models linked together? How can we maintain numerous unit types and prototype floors as design keeps changing during the design process and development? We will explore group, link, and family strategies, and we will develop an innovative method to face the challenge. This session features Revit Architecture. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to analyze repetition in a megaproject
  • Learn to strategize linking in a megaproject
  • Learn how to evaluate different strategies: group, link, and family
  • Learn how to maintain and manage numerous models and contents in a megaproject



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