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A Space for Progress: Transforming Your Studio to Meet Industry Realities

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    Advancements in architecture have been radical, rapid, and innovative; the way our profession delivers projects, educates, and shares information has transformed, driving the need for practices to think about whether their physical office spaces reflect current realities. Session participants will learn from partners at Turner Fleischer about the need to invest and adapt a studio to foster a culture of forward-thinking possibilities. Amid a complete renovation, we’ll openly share the thought process, requirements, and driving philosophy of re-imaging our firm’s space to reflect an unwavering commitment to continual learning and growth paired with client and staff experience. The aim is to challenge participants to consider whether their own studios best serve staff, clients, and the digitization of practices. Overhead investment is never taken lightly; but as firms accept betterment as a strategic priority, reality necessitates a space to support our evolving roles.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about what changes in the AEC industry have driven a need to reimagine the studio spaces we work in
    • Learn about how a hypercompetitive market drives the need for innovative space planning
    • Learn about applying what corporate culture tenets drive the reality of investing in the redesign of studio to your practice
    • Gain an appreciation for what the expected returns on investment are when repurposing and redesigning a studio space