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Solving Your Manufacturing Business Challenges With Fusion 360

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    Whilst manufacturing departments come in all shapes and sizes, business owners and production managers will all face similar challenges, such as keeping up with design changes, the need to automate CNC machine usage, and improve part quality, all whilst addressing potential skills gaps in their workforce. This class will look at these challenges in detail, and then using an example manufacturing department, will illustrate how they can be addressed, with a series of scenarios where Fusion 360 can be used to provide possible solutions to the outlined challenges.

    Key Learnings

    • Reduce programming times to start machining sooner, through the utilization of part programming automation.
    • Simplify the programming of their multi-axis CNC machines.
    • Avoid the need for costly re-work, through the use of in-cycle inspection and automated part setup.
    • Collaborate more effectively between design and manufacturing teams by improving the use of data.