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Smarter MEP Collaboration and MEP Design Verifications by Dynamo

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    <p>As an MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineer, we’ve used architectural/structural models for just visualizing 3D elements. The next step is to analyze Revit data and think about how to interface this model with another in the same geometries by Dynamo. In this class, we’ll explore two examples of Dynamo ideas among MEP services. The first Dynamo script will provide automated checks between plumbing fixtures and the structural ribs before modeling pipework. When receiving the architectural/structural models, we can run quick checks with Dynamo—and when input information changes, we just rerun Dynamo to quickly update results. Second, we can check the distances between two specified objects/ranges of similar objects with given conditions. Understanding this script will help Dynamo users write similar scripts to verify MEP designs in order to meet regulations and standards—for example, to verify relations between air intake and air exhaust, or exhaust and architectural doors and windows.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the interfaces between MEP models and architects/ structural models and using them for analyzing and verifications
    • Learn how to check measurements between two objects or two ranges of specified objects and compare with specific rules and standards
    • Learn about automatic draw elements by Dynamo
    • Discover Dynamo skills and automated design skills, and analyze Revit data