Lecture    AC3374
Smarter Drawings: Intelligent Model Documentation Made Easy
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You’ve built a 3D model. Now you need to produce 2D drawings. That is the precise purpose for the new model documentation tools in AutoCAD® software. In this class, I will show you how to create annotated orthographic, section, cutaway, and detail views; control their scale and appearance; and ensure that views and annotations update properly if the 3D model changes. I will work with 3D models that are created in AutoCAD and Autodesk® Inventor® software, and other CAD programs and show you how to solve problems such as disassociated annotations. You will see how you can create several sheets of drawings documenting a multi-part assembly. We will cover each tool in detail and develop best practices and time-saving techniques, so that you can tap into the power of model documentation tools in AutoCAD to create your 2D drawings.

Key Learnings

  • Add annotations and adjust them when changes occur
  • Document multi-part assemblies
  • Create base views and projected views from 3D models
  • Create and control section and detail views




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