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Sketch to feasability via HFDM
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Today, technology allows us to automate design through Parametric design technologies. But what if we could go to the next stage and address the artistic touch as well?. Most designers still feel more comfortable sketching an idea before they go to a CAD system. It is also easier and more engaging to sketch something in front of a client; at the moment we remove the intimacy by placing a computer between people. This problem is now gone. Using the Forge HFDM technologies, we were are capable to translate design sketch, via an iPad, to a real time mass study. This can be displayed in a web browser with analytics reporting capabilities.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how to approach data manipulation through Forge and HFDM
  • Learn about integration of different system through Forge and HFDM
  • Learn about cloud real time data exchange via HFDM
  • Web cloud developement with Forge services.



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