Industry Talk    AULON90719
Skanska’s Journey Towards Industrialised Construction
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This Industry Talk will provide an insight into Skanska’s approach towards industrialised construction, from basic component standardization to full scale automated Flying Factories. The talk will focus on reducing waste from construction process and improving productivity by bridging the gap between Construction and Manufacturing. Case studies will highlight Skanska’s pioneering “Flying Factories” concept applied in construction projects yielding significant benefits (cost, quality and programme) to Boklok (offsite Modular housing). Other examples will include the use of Automation and Robotics in construction activities. The presentation will also cover the key business change requirement for any company who wants to drive a more industrialised approach. The presentation will end by outlining the Skanska’s future direction of travel, and the art of the possible!As part this on-going journey we are collaborating with our key partner Autodesk to translate number of successful proof of concepts towards business as usual.

Key Learnings

  • Flying factories video will explain the concept, key dependencies and benefits
  • Define the art of possible around industrialised construction
  • Showcase the efficiencies that can be achieved in improving productivity
  • Better understand the principles of industrialization and how to deploy them in construction projects



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