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Shared Coordinates: Tales of Two Bavarian-American Cities

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    Large & complex projects often present with large & complex problems that can last a lifetime if not properly managed. One of those problems can be establishing the appropriate geolocation of buildings on a site, or in Revit speak "Shared Coordinates". As we explore two Bavarian inspired destination towns that have been years in the making, worth billions of dollars in investment, time & coordination, we will analyze how time can cause geographical datums to shift and a place in space isn’t where you thought it once was. Understand how this impacts existing built work, anticipated construction schedules to shift, & how to re-establish shared coordinates in multiple platforms (Revit, Civil3D, AutoCAD, Navisworks) to prevent miscommunications and downtime before it happens. The translation of data from party to party throughout the lifecycle of a project is vital, join us as we discuss some of the dos and don’ts developed over decades of relationships with these 2 projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to re-establish shared coordinates so that multiple platforms can utilize data & coordinate effectively.
    • Learn what considerations to make for projects that span decades when considering shared coordinate establishment.
    • Understand what parties should be present for initial conversations when the design team changes & what questions to ask.
    • Understand how coordinates behave in different platforms (Revit, Civil3D, AutoCAD, Navisworks) & What each stakeholder needs.