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Share Your Wits Not Just Your Models to the Entire Project Team
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Most building projects require that team members share 3D models and drawings; but there's something even more important to share: knowledge. Projects would reap great benefit if all the project team members were able to contribute their knowledge or wits. Why isn't this done? What if you could encourage everyone on the project team-including the architect, engineers, contractors, and owners-to help solve problems together? What if you as an architect knew that the structural engineer could help teach you how to do something that would help you on the project? Would you ask? What if he or she offered that information freely? Would you accept it? Would you offer your knowledge of a subject to another firm working on the same project if you know it would help the project, but it was not part of your scope of work? These are the types of topics and questions that we'll discuss in this roundtable. So join up!

Key Learnings

  • Learn how you could offer your knowledge to the project team beyond your call of duty
  • Learn how to ask for help and tap the knowledge of others in the project team to help from outside your office
  • Learn how to best train and teach yourself topics that you may not use in your office but which would greatly benefit the project as a whole
  • Learn how to be an AEC superhero and help your fellow project team member



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