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Shadow Study: Animating the Daylight System in 3ds Max 2021
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Creating animations in 3ds Max software is quick, easy, and fun. In this class, you will learn to animate the movement of daylight throughout a day to create an animated shadow study. This study will provide an accurate representation of how daylight will cast shadows in the scene. You will start by creating a Sun Positioner that provides realistic sunlight with a full sky environment. This system uses a simple and intuitive workflow to create geographically correct positioning and movement of the sun. You will then animate the position of the sun over time for a realistic shadow study.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a daylight system using the Sun Positioner daylight system.
  • Learn how to modify the parameters of the Sun Positioner to get a realistic rendering.
  • Learn how to create renderings at different times of the day during different seasons.
  • Learn how to animate the movement of the daylight to create a shadow study.



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