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Selling Your Ideas Using Prototypes

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    Sales prototypes are often different than engineering prototypes. They are quicker to make, are less sensitive to cost, and need to be exciting. In this class, you’ll learn to create sales prototypes that will help sell your ideas. You’ll learn how to recognize which features your prototype needs, how to create three-second demos, and how to close licensing deals or sales. Using Fusion 360 software, EAGLE, and off-the-shelf components, you can quickly make cheap influential prototypes that close deals. Prototypes enable you to amp up your presentations. Close more deals, sell more ideas, and discover which products are winners.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which prototype features are needed to capture attention, prove concept, and close deals
    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 and EAGLE to bring the working prototype you need to life
    • Learn how to develop the presentation using the prototype in a way that builds desire, creates excitement, and highlights the proposition
    • Learn how to design a full presentation, including prototype, demo, and close