Industry Talk    FDC226250
Securing Your Forge App: Do It Like Autodesk
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"Building secure software is critical, but can seem daunting. In this session, learn about the basics of software security and how you can apply them to your apps.

Security is everyone’s shared responsibility. At Autodesk, we have a robust security program to protect the Forge platform. As a developer, it is also your responsibility to protect your app and customers. When you use an API, a library, or a platform, you should also build security into your app to make sure that you are protecting your application against possible threats. This talk will illustrate the processes in place at Autodesk and how app developers can leverage secure solutions available in Forge, while also highlighting aspects of security that are the developer’s responsibility.

Key Learnings

  • Discover software security principles
  • Learn how to secure your Forge apps and capitalize on built-in capabilities of the platform
  • Learn about the practices that Autodesk follows in securing the Forge platform
  • Understand how security is critical in protecting your users




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