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The Secret Life(Cycles) of Autodesk® Vault

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    Managing your data is critical, and keeping it managed for releases can be a key to having the right designs available at the right times. This class will explore the ins and outs of using Autodesk® Vault Workgroup, Autodesk® Vault Collaboration, and Autodesk® Vault Professional to manage the release process of your design documents. We will cover several aspects of release management, including how to build the right lifecycle workflow and how to incorporate Vault engineering change order (ECO) capabilities into your process. We will also explore the key considerations for security and access to your data. If you want to take full advantage of all Vault has to offer to manage your designs, this class is for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how groups and lifecycle states interact and play key roles in security and access
    • Incorporate the ECO process in Vault Professional ECO into your document lifecycle process
    • Create sophisticated document lifecycles and revision management schemes
    • Explain how versions and revisions play into the lifecycle process