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Scaling 3D from Design to Training: Ecommerce and B2B Sales with Game Engines

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    Web 3.0 is here, and industries and organizations need to be prepared to upgrade their existing content to 3D at scale. Many brands have already invested in 3D design to improve manufacturing, but haven't yet scratched the surface on the potential scalability with game engines to create interactive training, run simulations for better planning, or create more dynamic sales materials. How should organizations be thinking about their 3D strategies? Join Ashley Crowder, a pioneer in 3D and spatial computing technology, who will demo how 3D assets can be interoperable and used across the metaverse, e-commerce, product lifecycle management (PLM), and more to improve employee training, increase speed to market, and boost sales. She will present case studies—including Kohler, Merrell, and Michael Kors—that provide real-life examples on best practices for 3D designs from AutoCAD, Maya, and 3ds Max software to Unreal Engine, Unity, and web viewers. From design to e-commerce to B2B sales, learn how build a winning 3D strategy.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a scalable workflow from AutoCAD, Maya, and 3ds Max to Unreal Engine, Unity, and/or 3D and AR web viewers.
    • Discover the benefits of using 3D from Autodesk software for B2B sales.
    • Discover the benefits and best practices of using 3D from Autodesk programs for consumer-facing experiences.
    • Explore how organizations should be thinking about their 3D strategies.