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Road Trippin': Barton Malow Builders' ACC Training Roadshow

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    When implementing new technology, an assured way to miss buy-in across your organization is to sign team members up and say, "Good luck!” Training is the obvious answer to this problem. However, designing, implementing, and executing a training program is a heavy lift, and justifying the commitment is paramount. To do so, it's vital to measure success through data: Locations and geos trained, project value in geographic area, and, of course, the number of individuals trained. The value of training doesn't end there. Our program instills our companywide vision of doing business. It deepens relationships with Autodesk, creating a partnership that tackles our big issues together. These relationships directly guide feature developments at Autodesk. At this session, learn from Ryan Riley, virtual design and construction (VDC) manager at Barton Malow Builders (BMB), on how he developed the ACC Roadshow Training Program at BMB across 16 offices, and 10 states, while tackling extremely local, specific problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create regional support training processes and workflows.
    • Learn about developing actionable materials and trainings.
    • Learn about establishing effective and efficient relationships with customer success at Autodesk.
    • Learn about packaging and delivering the voice of the customer effectively.