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Revit 2021-'23...The Hits Keep On Coming!

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    Design professionals have access to an ever-expanding set of capabilities in Autodesk Revit. Staying on top of these improvements can be a challenge—especially when we’ve all been apart for so long! In this session, we’ll catch you up on the most important features and workflow enhancements included in Revit over the past couple of years. Revit 2021 debuted Generative Design in Revit, along with features like real-time realistic views and slanted walls. Electrical enhancements arrived, PDFs and raster images were now linkable, a bunch of concrete (rebar) and steel (connections) features arrived, and more. Revit 2022 was a mammoth release, with over 80 new features covering the key themes of design productivity, documentation efficiency, and interoperability…as well as some API love for developers. Now, Revit 2023 is here. Join us at AU to see how these releases complement each other..."the hits keep on coming"!

    Key Learnings

    • List the new features appearing in the past few releases of Autodesk Revit.
    • Describe the key themes driving Revit's recent product development efforts.
    • Determine which new Revit features and workflows will best impact their own firms.
    • See the connections between customer feedback (Revit Ideas) and investment by Autodesk.