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Rendering Workflows Between Revit Software, 3ds Max Software, and Iray Rendering Engine

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    This class will describe how to do renderings from a Revit software model inside of 3ds Max software. Maximizing on the connecting power between 3ds Max software and Revit software, you will learn how to efficiently create a pipeline between the 2 applications, and you will discover some effective ways to maximize on the 2 applications in specific situations. You will also learn how to create realistic renderings with very minimal effort thanks to the simplicity, accuracy, and speed of the NVIDIA iray rendering engine. All of this combined will create a workflow that will enable you to create and iterate renderings of your designs in a demanding work environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to effectively set up models in Revit software for rendering
    • Learn how to set up the link between Revit software and 3ds Max software
    • Learn how to set up lights, cameras, and materials in 3ds Max software
    • Learn how to render outputs and iterate options