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Reality Capture with Laser Scanning or Photos? How Do We Pick Which to Use?

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    Technological advancements in hardware and software tools have made reality capture more prominent in many industry workflows. Designers, engineers, and artists are continuously exposed to news about new laser scanning or photo-based acquisition workflows and success stories. However, they aren't sure when to apply each of these methods or don't understand their advantages or limitations. In this class, we will use a variety of successfully captured objects from different corners of the world to reveal the base principles, strengths, limitations, and best practices for using each of the reality capture methods and devices. We will also offer insider tips to help you understand which method is most applicable for your workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Apply the best reality capture method to your project
    • Use an end-to-end workflow from reality capture to final physical prototype
    • Explain the differences between capture devices and methods
    • List the advantages of each reality capture method and associated tools