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Real Value from Enterprise GIS with Autodesk Solutions

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    Many utilities today find themselves with legacy mapping systems that were installed 10 to 15 years ago or more. Those legacy systems have been beneficial in assisting utilities to organize their data and make improvements in their ability to visualize and understand their infrastructures. But strides in technology have helped the tools for managing the data in those legacy systems to become much more user friendly and “out of the box” than systems of the past. AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software now includes rich features that can model electric infrastructure with the power of AutoCAD software as the user interface. NV Energy has made the transition and uses AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software to map and manage its infrastructure assets more effectively. We will discover the value that you can gain from an enterprise geographic information system (GIS) and hear examples from other utility organizations in a roundtable setting.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the extensive uses of the data captured in AutoCAD Utility Design GIS Solution
    • Discover examples of the power of AutoCAD Map 3D—Electric Industry Model
    • Learn from other roundtable attendees
    • Learn about the level of integration of CAD in an AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise GIS Solution