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ReCaping a 7-Trillion-Points Project

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    Last year, our team undertook the task of capturing and generating the existing condition of a building in downtown Toronto, Canada. This project was a commercial building that included a parkade, mechanical spaces, office areas, and retail space. It required over 1,100 scans, or 7 trillion points of data, to capture all spaces needed for redesign and as-built modeling. This Revit project required LOD 200 modeling process for architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection. Using Revit software, ReCap software, and Collaboration for Revit cloud service we were able to move from raw scan data to a Revit model efficiently. Other challenges were management of large data sets and collaboration between team members in different geographical locations. We'll show you how we planned and executed this project, and let you know what lessons we learned.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to move from raw point cloud data to a Revit model
    • Learn different strategies for managing large data sets with ReCap
    • See how Collaboration for Revit can be sued on a large as-built model with teams in remote locations
    • Understand the importance of determining BIM LOD