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Rapid Fusion Lifecycle Deployment When Time Is of the Essence

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    Fusion Lifecycle software can be deployed faster than any other PLM (product lifecycle management) tool on the market. This was tested for a company that wanted to take its ventilator project to production in the shortest time possible due to the COVID-19 ventilator shortage. A prototype of the ventilator was completed using Fusion 360 software. Now it is time to take it into mass production using Items and BOMs, ECO, and NPI Workspace of Fusion Lifecycle.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to deploy Fusion Lifecycle core capabilities in a time that’s shorter than when you use any other PLM.
    • Learn how to capitalize on Fusion Lifecycle existing workspaces and configuration as a starting point.
    • Discover how this scalable solution enables you to deploy the basics of PLM and scale up on an as-needed basis for fastest time-to-value.
    • Learn how to deploy core capabilities of Fusion Lifecycle, Items and BOMs, ECO, and NPI using out-of-the-box configuration.