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Lessons learnt : Generative Design for Metro Station Proof of Concept
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Generative Design has brought a paradigm shift in the way we design. In early 2019 we launched a Proof of Concept for this new approach, taking advantage of our BIM and Station concept expertise. Having disseminated state-of-the-art Generative Design knowledge among our technical team, we began an ‘awareness phase’ and chose a subject for Proof of Concept from a range of study cases. The test application that we present today aims to help architects in Functional Program of Metro Station. We would like to share with you our experience from the last 12 months of experimentation.

Key Learnings

  • Comprendre le generative design
  • Mettre en oeuvre un POC sur le generative design
  • découvrir le Machine Learning
  • Utiliser Dynamo



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