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Prompt Engineering for Generative Design of Spaceflight Structures at NASA

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    Evolved Structures, a technology based on generative design and digital manufacturing, has the potential to revolutionize spaceflight system components. This presentation explores "prompt engineering" for guiding generative design artificial intelligence (AI) using textual and geometric information to create parts that meet functional, structural, and manufacturing requirements. By integrating essential design elements, engineers can maximize AI-driven optimization for innovative, high-performance spaceflight systems that are cost-effective and efficient to produce. The presentation will also showcase examples of fabricated hardware developed using this approach, which are slated for integration in future NASA missions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about digitally encoding requirements for generative design.
    • Learn about the pros and cons of CNC milling versus additive manufacturing for generative design.
    • Discover how to create reduced models of complex organic-shaped parts.
    • Learn about barriers to the adoption of generative design.