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Project Management 101: Basics of Autodesk Construction Cloud

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    In this session, the LATAM TSE team will cover the basics of project management and lean construction principles for on-field tracking and data gathering in order to change the project management (PM) mindset from a reactive approach to proactive approach thanks to Autodesk Construction Cloud on-site implementation. We’ll cover how to digitize current construction workflows and activities without disruptive change within owner-contractor-subcontractor workflows. You’ll see how to apply PM and lean construction with an easy-to-implement approach, simplifying digital transformation for a width approach within any building information modeling (BIM) maturity level construction company.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the approach to basic principles of PM and lean.
    • Learn how to identify solution scope for quick implementations.
    • Learn how to simplify construction technology adoption.
    • Learn about construction management digital transformation.