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The Productivity Power of AutoCAD Tool Palettes—Revealed

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    Sure, we have standards. But have you ever created an object on the wrong layer? Tool Palettes provide the shortest, most efficient way to increase your productivity without programming and customization. In this session you will learn the hidden techniques to maintaining standards and managing block libraries. You’ll learn the easiest and most effective methods for managing existing blocks and dynamic blocks, and ensuring that the correct colors, layers, and linetypes are used for the creation of all geometry. You'll also learn the secret of how to create, display, and manage shared palettes securely as an enterprise solution for your company standards.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the function of tool palettes
    • Learn how to control display and properties of palettes and palette tools
    • Learn how to create and modify palettes and palette tools
    • Learn how to manage shared palettes in an enterprise solution