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Preparing, Using, and Updating As-Maintained Revit Models by the Owner

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    A Revit model doesn't need to die when design and construction end. By connecting it to an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), it can live on as an as-maintained model to reflect changes that need to be authored by the owner. These models can then be infused with data, and linking them to an IWMS enables an owner to better understand how a building is performing and being maintained over the lifecycle. We'll discuss how repurposing record Revit software models as as-maintained models during operations can have huge impacts how those models continue to exchange data. We'll also discuss how a bidirectional connection to Revit software is the most effective way to be sure that a model continues to live, grow, and provide value to a building owner through the lifecycle of a building.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand owner requirements for requesting record Revit software model deliverables
    • Learn through associated workflows and cloud computing how model deliverables become as-maintained models
    • Review workflows for how an owner can maintain space/equipment in models as changes and updates occur during their lifecycles
    • Discover other processes and integrations that can occur between Revit software and the ownership team's operating applications