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The Power of iLogic Design Automation: How Did We Get Here?

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    The iLogic component of Inventor software is a powerful tool that is utilized in automating the design process, and improving efficiency and the quality of your work. In this class, we will discuss and demonstrate how powerful the iLogic tool is in letting you automate your design workflows. We will start our discussion with how we used iLogic when we started to learn how to apply it to our design process, and how we progressed to more-advanced techniques as our knowledge of iLogic and the API grew. This is a success story where we will discuss the criteria we used to determine which parts of our designs to automate and how we incorporated iLogic into our workflows. We will then show you live demonstrations of our complex impeller and diffuser model programs, while emphasizing the flexibility of these programs to handle many variations of the designs. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how important and valuable the iLogic tool in Inventor can be for your business.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore the reasons to automate designs via iLogic
    • Learn how to incorporate iLogic into your workflows
    • Learn about some helpful tips and tricks in writing iLogic code
    • Discover the importance and value in using iLogic for your business