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Perfect Plots—Every Time, Every User!

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    Managing printing, plotting, and publishing in a multiproject and multidiscipline environment can be a daunting challenge to a CAD manager. You may go to a lot of trouble at the beginning of a project to make sure your page setups are perfect, but your users change things (yes, even if they are not supposed to). Wouldn’t it be great to ensure your setups are always correct every time someone opens a project file? In this class, you will learn an innovative method for doing just that. All you need is a little AutoLISP knowledge (available in the class), some good naming standards, and a little work up front. Newly armed with these techniques, you will no longer have to watch your users click incessantly on plot dialog controls as you make your way through your department. This session features AutoCAD. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the workflow and application of AutoLISP coding to take back and apply at your office
    • Understand the need for setting and adhering to standard naming conventions
    • Learn how to maintain a single repository for company or project-specific page setups, ensuring quality and standardization
    • Learn how to demonstrate tangible results and time savings to management by applying these techniques