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Over 60 Revit Tips in 60 minutes

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    I've taught this class many times, and it's actually up to 82 tips-but 60 in 60 sounds better. This fast-paced class is designed to give productivity tips to help users improve their modeling and documentation speed. Tips range from simple ones, like using the tab key and the chain selects, to more complicated ones, like selective use of the properties in view templates and modeling sloped topography. There's intentionally no use of tools like Dynamo or other plug-ins; this is about being as productive and efficient as possible with the native Revit software. The other benefit of this class is that most people attending Autodesk University will be asked to show what they learned to justify attendance. This handout and the YouTube video that will accompany it will satisfy those queries and provide firms with some tangible productivity increase.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain tips to increase modeling efficiency
    • Gain tips to improve element selection and manipulation
    • Get tips to improve documentation efficiency
    • Get tips to improve your control over visibility and graphics