Optimisation of Motion Control Shoots for VFX
Industry Talk    LO-ME04
Tomas Wall, Hugo Guerra
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Stiller Studios has 1 of the most advanced and VFX-friendly motion control/green screen setups in the world. Tomas Wall and Hugo Guerra will take you through the process of how the game cinematic, "Homefront: The Revolution" was created, using leading studio and motion control technology supported by Autodesk software—in preproduction, live on set, and in postproduction.

Key Learnings

  • Optimisation of VFX in production.
  • How to save up to 70% of post-production by fixing problems in pre-production.
  • How Maya/Motion Builder can be used live on set during a green screen shoot.
  • The possibilities of Stingray live on set in a production.


Tomas Wall
As VFX director, Tomas is responsible for the VFX shoots being done at Stiller Studios. The role of VFX director combines what is traditionally the role of a FAD, VFX supervisor, and studio producer.Tomas's full focus is to make sure Stiller Studios deliver the best possible experience and data for visual effects and postproduction, a need he previously experienced when working as a lead compositor and VFX supervisor on high-end commercials in London and New York.
Hugo Guerra
Hugo is a Director and VFX Supervisor working in the industry for 17 years. His clients included the BBC, Nexus, JellyFish and ultimately The Mill, where he became the Head of the Nuke Compositing Department and a VFX Supervisor for 4 years. Since 2014 Hugo works as a Director and VFX Supervisor at Fire Without Smoke, a London based agency specialised in Video Games marketing. Working in Games Cinematics for many triple A Games.


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