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Open Source BIM Interoperability – Exchange and Refine Your Data with BHoM

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    BHoM is an open source product focused on streamlining of the engineering and design workflows that are based on software interoperability and data manipulation. It provides a software-agnostic object model (data format), an engine with methods to create, query and modify the objects, as well as a growing range of adapters to various packages and formats, such as Revit, Robot or gbXML, among others. With consistent UI across Dynamo (up to version 2.3), Excel and Grasshopper combined with inherent flexibility and extendability, it can act as an all-in-one interoperability tool for a practice. Session participants will learn how to interact with BHoM, how to push and pull data, and how to refine it in the process. Sample workflows will be presented with focus on data quality (e.g. for the purpose of Life Cycle Assessment analysis) and increasing productivity through automation of mundane tasks such as manual data migration to and from Revit or fixing the topology of analytical models.

    Key Learnings

    • Interact with BHoM through Excel and Grasshopper.
    • Push and pull data to and from various software packages and formats using the BHoM adapters.
    • Query, manipulate and enrich the data using BHoM.
    • Build cross-disciplinary workflows that increase productivity and quality of the outcomes.