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“One Design”: Developing the Vision of BIM for Engineering Design at a Utility
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The transformation of an organization’s legacy engineering design systems first requires a vision and a plan. We call our goal “One Design.” We want to stop duplicating effort, we want to share information and design intent more easily between groups, we want to better manage our projects, and we want to manage our assets more efficiently while providing a higher-quality service to our customers. This class will discuss developing the vision and plan for transforming Arizona Public Service’s lines of business (T&D, Fossil Generation, IT Telecomm) using BIM for 3D intelligent design. We will explore tools for process mapping, requirements gathering, and future visioning. The transformation will include the implementation of a number of Autodesk, Inc., Solutions in an integrated mosaic of engineering design workflows. We will also discuss a strategic 4-year plan and change-management efforts to be used to convey the vision and build consensus across the organization.

Key Learnings

  • Discover methodologies for business-requirements gathering and strategic planning
  • Learn how to implement methods used to develop requirements, solution design, rollout plan, and business case
  • Learn how to apply and customize Arizona Public Service’s plan for implementing BIM for utilities to your own organization
  • Discover strategies for planning for, adopting, and implementing new technology




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