The Next Big Step Designing in Virtual Reality
Instructional Demo    LO-DM05
Dave Wilkinson, Robin Oldroyd
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Virtual Reality has always been restricted by the need for large investments of time and money. That restricts its appeal and adoption. With the influx of more capable and lower-cost HMDs that are continually evolving along with hardware, we can now unleash VR into the hands of a wider audience. Automotive designers, modellers, interior designers, engineers, manufacturers, and others can make better decisions and immerse themselves in an instant. It can be added as a verification to reduce the number of physical models while also making them more relevant and accurate.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how VR can help you in your job
  • Understand how to customise the toolset
  • Use VR to improve product quality
  • Use VR to reduce the need for multiphysical models


Dave Wilkinson
Dave Wilkinson is a Technical Specialist working within the manufacturing division of Autodesk. Dave is based in the north west of England in the UK and is responsible for driving the adoption of Autodesk’s Product Innovation platform into a wide and varied range of industries here in UK and overseas. Dave started his working career within a large engineering works as a fitter/turner, progressing into the drawing office where he first encountered AutoCAD and subsequently became a CAD manager before joining the Autodesk partner channel, later Autodesk directly 18 months ago. His experience is wide ranging from shop floor machining and fabrication to large scale implementations of design and data management solutions.
Robin Oldroyd
Robin has been with Autodesk/Alias for over 15 years, during which time he has been involved in support, pre-sales, post-sales, and technical marketing for consumer products, transportation, and industrial design. Robin has a degree in industrial design and a background of 8 years in architecture, product design.

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